1958 represented a milestone in the history of motorcycle racing and Spanish industry: Francisco Xavier Bultó, backed by a group of engineers and unconditional collaborators, founded Bultaco.

One year later, Bultaco unveiled its first motorbike and paved the way for what would be one of the most successful careers in the world of motorsport, transcending the passing of time and fashion to continue being, in the twentieth century, a compendium of innovation and visionary capacity, both in the incorporation of new materials and the combination of new colours.

In a short period of time, Bultaco went from being considered as a leading make in outdoor motorbikes to competing in all disciplines with countless victories. Such emblematic and legendary riders as Barry Sheene, Sammy Miller, Martin Lampkin, or Ángel Nieto defended the colours, taking Bultaco to the heights of world champion on innumerable occasions.

At present, BULTACO, from its “Bultaco Engineering” Department, pays homage to all of those who laid the foundations for the brand by looking forward to eternity via the creation of products which synthesise the spirit and DNA of Bultaco.