Under the acronym BLTC, Bultaco has developed the new Collection Speedometer, inspired by the modern concept of “urban traveler”.

The material used for the manufacturing of boxes, is high density polyamide. Polyamides are elastic polymers, hard and tough, that are used in multiple applications whose designs are complicated and are desired to be manufactured in a single step.

The most important characteristics of the polyamide are its high toughness, rigidity, high resistance to abrasion, and excellent heat resistance.

Applications of polyamides are extensive in the field of mechanical engineering. Some common examples include valve seats, motion transmission gears, cams, bearings, and ancillary components.

Polyamides are considered the most versatile engineering polymers and of the highest increasing application.

Bultaco manufactures watches with reinforced polyamide fibers that give it a very high mechanical strength, dimmensional accuracy, and exceptional durability.