新闻稿 2020年10月15日

gpk电子 commits to industry-leading 环境、社会和治理 targets with launch of 2020年社会价值报告

  • gpk电子发布了第二份社会价值报告, 制定未来五年行业领先的承诺
  • The targets are focused on the five pillars of gpk电子’s 社会价值 strategy: 就业, 责任, 社区和环境, 这一切都是由创新支撑的

gpk电子, the leading facilities management and professional services company, has launched its 2020年社会价值报告, setting new industry-leading targets 为 business over the next five years. 以及详细的目标, the report shares key achievements over the past 12 months for each of the five pillars of gpk电子’s 社会价值 Strategy: 就业, 责任, 社区和环境, 所有这些都是由创新支撑的.


作为英国的主要雇主,拥有47,500年的同事, gpk电子 is committed to promoting skills and employment opportunities for all members of society, 特别关注学徒制, 多样性与实际生活工资(RLW). 作为生活工资基金会认可的gpk电子提供者, all bids for new business include RLW rates as the preferred option. 与此同时, 米提在整个行业雇佣了700多名学徒, including 150 women who are completing technical engineering apprenticeships.

The business has also put in place many initiatives to support its six diversity networks, including reverse mentoring and unconscious bias training 为 Executive Leadership Team. gpk电子还为重要的日历时刻运行内部活动, 比如黑人历史月, 国际妇女节和骄傲月, 推广教育资源, 包括阅读清单和经理指南, 跨业务支持这些活动.

展望未来, 米提设定了雄心勃勃的多元化目标, committing to increase the percentage of women on the Group/Executive Leadership Teams to 40% and the percentage of Black, 亚洲和少数民族(BAME)同事在2024/25财年达到20%. 目前的比例分别为18%和3%.


gpk电子 has committed to increase its support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and voluntary, 慈善和社会企业(VCSEs)的供应链. This includes an ambitious target to increase the amount it spends with VCSEs by 7.5倍到2英镑.在2024/25财年前达到2500万. 帮助实现这一目标, gpk电子已与英国社会企业(SEUK)签约, which is supporting gpk电子 in identifying new VCSEs to include within it’s supply chain. gpk电子 has also committed to spend 33% of its supplier costs with SMEs over the next five years, 从目前的29%上升. 仅在过去的一年, gpk电子 has already increased its SME spending by £17 million and for its public 部门 contracts gpk电子 spends 45% with SME suppliers.


To ensure the business has a positive impact on the communities where it works, gpk电子 has set targets in three key areas: supporting the armed forces, 健康和幸福, 和同事做志愿者. In recognition of the significant strides gpk电子 has made in supporting the armed forces, 如引入 额外的10天带薪假期 为其预备役部队,它被授予 金盾雇主嘉许计划 2020年7月.

与此同时, gpk电子还将增加员工的志愿gpk电子时间, 目标是达到相当于2的值,000 days of volunteering for its six volunteering partners – The British Heart Foundation, 负责照顾的好, 教育和雇主, 麦克米伦癌症支持, 乐施会及SSAFA -二零零四年/五年.


2020年2月,米提 启动了零计划承诺 到2025年实现净零碳排放, while also helping customers reach their own sustainability targets. 8个月前刚推出, 米提已经在实现这一目标方面取得了重大进展, such as meeting its pledge to switch 20% of its cars and small vans to electric vehicles (EVs), 提前了三个月. gpk电子目前拥有超过750辆电动汽车. gpk电子 has also launched several new services, to help clients reach net zero, including ‘零碳零成本”,“零计划舰队过渡gpk电子'和'零计划城市景观gpk电子’.

To further support this pledge, gpk电子 has a target of increasing recycling rates to 80%. 回收利用是不可能的替代方法, 比如把废物加工成热能和动力的燃料, 将使用, 确保米铁在2024/25财政年度实现零垃圾填埋. gpk电子 is also working with its supply chain partners to minimise packaging and provide greener alternatives for its most commonly used items.


All of these pillars are underpinned by a constant focus on innovation, epitomised by gpk电子’s target of committing to finding new ways of delivering social value through fresh thinking. For example, gpk电子’s EV transition has been supported by an innovative mindset. Challenges around paying for employee home charging for company vehicles have been overcome, 这要归功于与电动汽车充电初创企业的战略合作关系, 米娜. 米娜的技术, 以及gpk电子现有的智能充电设施, means the business can pay the employee’s energy supplier directly – removing the need for colleagues to pay in the first instance and expense any costs. Not only is this more efficient 为 business, it is the right thing to do for its employees.

在过去的12个月, gpk电子’s achievements in social value have been recognised by a range of highly regarded third-party organisations. 米提获得了几项著名的荣誉,包括:

  • Ranking sixth in the Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers list 2019/20, up from 17th 前一年
  • Being certified a 2020 UK Top Employer by the Top Employer’s Institute
  • 被评为2019年英国最受尊敬的公司之一
  • Sustainalytics, 环境, 社会与治理(环境、社会和治理)评级机构, 给米蒂的“低风险”环境、社会和治理评分为13分.0, making gpk电子 the best-scoring facilities management company worldwide

Simon King, Director of 可持续性 and 社会价值, gpk电子, said:

“We’re incredibly proud of the progress we have made over the past 12 months to drive or deliver social value, 特别是在Covid-19大流行的背景下. 然而, 有雄心领导我们的行业, 和英国的商业更广泛, 我们决心加快步伐,走得更远. 面对这些艰巨的新目标, 行动计划和事件计划, 并专注于寻找创新的解决方案, we’re committed to leaving a positive legacy in the communities in which we work.”